Camp Site Etiquette

When your planning to go camping to a camp site, one of the things you have to consider is Camping Etiquette. Campsite and camp grounds get very busy during the summer and at holiday times. So make sure you have a list of the rules that apply to your campsite.

These rules are designed to make life pleasant for everyone and ensure a great camping experience. However some rules are so obvious and apply to all camps so we’ve listed them here for your benefit and enjoyment.

1. Keep the noise level down

One of the essential things to keep in mind is noise. It seems obvious but playing loud music into the night or just partying into the early hours creates noise. It’s almost certain to create tension with other campers and that’s not good.

You’re not camping to live like a monk, so on those occasions where you do generate a bit of noise be sure to let other campers know and be flexible – party on a different date if you can.

2. Flash lights at Night

Aside from the noise, light can also be incredibly annoying so be careful when using your flashlights at night. Modern LED lights are very powerful these days so try not to point them directly at other tents.

3. Keep the campsite clean

We all create rubbish and camping creates its fair share. But aim to keep this under control. Campsites are full of trash bins and rubbish silos. Make sure you use them.
At the end of your trip, with tent folder away, take one last look around your site. Anything not packed away should be disposed of properly. Good for you and good for the next temporary resident that comes after you.

4. Take care of the environment

Much of the appeal with camping is to be part of the great outdoors. There’s nothing quite like it. All the fauna and wildlife around you needs to be treated carefully. Remember you’re just a visitor and your helping to protect the environment for everyone.

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