Check list for first time campers

Before camping, especially the first timers, you need to first get comfortable with certain camping etiquettes – the kind of camping apparatus you need to convey, what kind of camping equipment is available at the camping site and where to get good quality camping supplies.

The tent

The Tent, it seems obvious but it amazing how people put great effort in selecting the wrong tent. The tent provides a place for you to sleep but it also allows you to shield yourself from the sun, the wind, and the rain. You’ll also want it to keep out mosquitoes, flies, moths and other night time visitors.

Sleeping Bags and Pads

It gets cold at night, even in summer so a good sleeping bag is a must. It will keep you warm and snug. Just what you need at the end of a hard day trekking and exploring.

A pad between the sleeping bag and the cold hard floor of the tent is a must. It will give you a comfortable night sleep as apposed to a restless night. Without the pad, no position is right and the result is a broken sleep.

Cooking Supplies

Campground This depends on the type of camping trip you’ll be doing. If you’re setting up at a campsite and staying there, then a large stove or barbeque will work. But obviously if trekking you have to think about portability, which includes carrying or catching your food and pots, pans and cooking utensils. All add weight and your main focus is to travel light. It’s a fine balance.

Other Things to remember

Bring a first aid kit, there’s always knocks and scratches that have to be dealt with. Spare ropes, duck tapes, tin openers, Swiss army knives, all come incredibly handy when least expected. Take cable ties as well, great for securing and repairing things. Take a look at this for more useful info.