Keeping the Children Entertained

Camping can be an awesome experience for the entire family. The great thing about these trips is that they can be enjoyed by old and young. They also allow us to hang out, enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed environment. Below are some tips of Keeping children entertained on a camping trip.

Evening activities

Around your camp site at night, consider evening activities. Such as telling stories singing songs around a camp fire, cooking under supervision, going on a nighttime stroll with flashlights or playing find the stowaway. This will keep children entertained.

Around Water

On the off chance that you happen to camp around the sea or lake, swimming, fishing or boating are all great things to do. Your younger children also will also enjoy playing in the sand and floating toys, stick and leaves in the water. Youngsters of all ages will enjoy being around water take some waders and dry clothes just in case.

Exploring the nature

Investigate the camping area, strolling trails can be a great way for you to get some exercise and educate your children about nature and what’s around them. Different sounds and smells. If they sit quietly all types of creatures will come out of there hiding places and they can watch them play. Children can get very excited if they see squirrels and chipmunks and as they start to look more creatures will appear.  Don’t forget the vegetation, the tall trees and the plants mosses and mushrooms. All create a quilt work of patterns to explore.

Construction Works

Small shovels, scoops and buckets. If you remember to bring these then there’s hours of fun digging and making. Toy dumper trucks to move small pebbles around. Then to get to work making the next toy village, bridge or dam.

When it Rains

We always believe it’s not going to rain but it does. So we don’t want that to stop us so we plan for it and take plenty of waterproofs and boots so we can all go outside. Take plenty of changing clothes and towels, clothes get wet and muddy, they’re much harder to dry outside so the more you take the better.

And it’s important to keep warm, big think sweaters will do the trick An additional pair of shoes and sandals will come in very handy. It never fails, that one pair of shoes will get wet during the evening when the mosquitos turn out it is a smart thought to have dry socks and shoes to cover their feet. Towels are another item that you can’t have enough of, from towels for drying hands and showering to beach towels, this is an item that we utilize all of the time.



Remember to be safe. Always supervise your children, especially younger children. Don’t let them wonder off alone and always take special care around rivers, lakes and the sea. Make sure you have plenty of sunscreens and give them bunches of water throughout the day.

Children are very resourceful, they can start the camping trip bored but as the days pass they find games to play and adventures. Then before they know it, it’s time to go home.

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